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Operation Aconcagua


Update:  We're back from Aconcagua as pf 28 Feb 13, but unfortunately we had to pull off mountain at 18,200 ft after a medical complication required evacuation of our lead guide.  The mountain isn't going anywhere....we'll be back at it as soon as we can line it up!  For now, check out the attached video...ten minutes in length, but we've added 3 minutes of footage from Aconcagua!  http://youtu.be/zJWgYajwCFk


Our Wounded Warriors receive world class care and national attention as they struggle to recover from their wounds, but there are thousands of unsung heroes who are the reason our warriors not only survive, but thrive.  They are the Wounded Warrior Wives who’s lives were also forever changed by the costs of war, who stoically manned their warriors bedside through recovery, providing them love and hope that no hospital could ever give.

Many families are not as blessed by the opportunity to nurse their loved ones back to health. Their scars of war are the least visibile yet their sacrifice is the greatest.

Operation Aconcagua is a mission of recognition and thanks, to highlight the sacrifice of our Purple Heart Healers…the Wounded Warrior Wives who struggled and mourned behind closed doors with their Wounded Warrior and our Gold Star Families who stoically endure the imapct of the ultimate sacrifice of our Nation's Fallen Heroes.



Climb the highest peak in the Americas to raise awareness of the sacrifice of our Nations families to provide long term care and support to the recovery of our Wounded and support to the families of our Fallen and to raise funds to help the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) assist more families of our fallen military.


  1. To raise awareness of the sacrifices the families who enable the long term recovery and sustainment of our severely injured
  2. To raise awareness of the sacrifices of the families of the fallen who have paid the ultimate price
  3. To recognize and give back to those unsung heroes, military spouses and partners, who support our military members, yet hovered behind the scenes while their warrior received medals and praise for his or her actions
  4. To demonstrate by performance and example that no obstacle is so great that the human spirit cannot overcome it


“My wife Gayle is my inspiration.  Without her commitment to our relationship and her support through my recovery, I would never have been able to return to active duty service.  This climb is about giving back to her and other women like her, to put them in the spotlight for incredible sacrifices they have made to support their warrior and get us back in the fight."

 ----- Marc  Hoffmeister, WWA Founder

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